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  • We offer an extensive selection of self-study Ethics CPE courses for many states.
  • All of our courses meet or exceed NASBA and QAS Standards.
  • Our NASBA sponsor number is #109234.

Some states require separate approval and specify what needs to be covered in their state ethics courses.

We also offer a number of state specific ethics courses for states that just require we be registered with NASBA, which we are!

These registrations do not constitute an endorsement by the State Boards of Accountancy as to the quality of our CPE programs. State CPE requirements can vary; therefore, you should always check with your State Board. Your State Board is the final authority on any program even when formal sponsorship has been given. You can access CPE requirements by state here.

We strive to make ethics as interesting as possible by incorporating case studies as much as possible. Please be aware that we do not charge “extra” for ethics. Our pricing on ethics is the same as for other CPE courses that we offer.

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